Issue 8 - Lots of Tutorials and Covering New Technologies

Welcome to Issue 8! I've been busy working and tweaking the www.vuejsradar.com web site so the newsletter has taken a bit of a back seat. I've made up for it by including a lot more content this time, packed with tutorials.

Starting from this issue onwards, there will be more of a focus on testing and showcasing the newest technologies in the Vue.js world. While I will continue to share interesting tutorials, components as they come up, expect there to be more coverage of technologies like Nuxt, NativeScript, Weex, or the bleeding edge releases of VueJs itself. Think of Vue.js Radar as your own sandbox or testing lab where we can learn before really going to production.

This is to help you anticipate new technologies in the pipe, and figure out earlier on if it's something you want to pursue or hold off on. I hope you enjoy this new direction and find it valuable. Any feedback is always welcomed, just find me on twitter. @andreliem or @vuejsradar

-- Andre Liem

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