Kicking of 2018 with a new series on building simple reusable Vue.js Components + Functional CSS

If you've been following the Vue.js Radar website, you'll notice it's been a while since I last wrote a blog post. For 2018, I've decided to kick things up a notch and get back to contributing to the community with more content!

Expect the Vue.js Radar site to have 2-3 new posts per month showing you the basics for building reusable Vue.js components addressing common UI/UX needs and problems. In this issue, I've included the latest tutorial on how you can easily build your own Tooltip component. Appreciate any feedback here or if you have specific components you are looking to build I'm open to requests.

The theme with these posts will be to share code that is super portable. That is, there will be minimal dependencies (aside for Vue.js), and the CSS will be mostly inline functional CSS that will make it easier to port into your project by extracting it into whatever convention you use. As a result, most if not all of these posts will live as Codepens for you to copy and paste into your project. Instead of creating official repos, I encourage developers to take the code, understand it and mold it the way you need it for your project. Of course you can take it and create a more generic re-usable repo on Github if you like.

Hope you enjoy the content!



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