Introducing a new section

Welcome to Issue 24 of the Vue Js Radar! I want to take a moment to introduce a new section I'm experimenting with called "dev radar". While this newsletter is obviously Vue Js focussed, at times I think it's valuable to share stories or important news from the general developer community which I believe we can all benefit from.

In this issue, I'm including an article from Lucidchart on how a few developers converted 600k lines of code to Typescript in 3 days. While it's not Vue specific, some of the techniques they explain could be useful for Vue developers looking to convert their code base to Typescript. Especially given the fact Vue is improving its support for Typescript, this might be something more than a few developers will be doing in the near future.

I hope you find this new section useful. If not, or if you have other requests please let me know!

-- Andre

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