Issue 12 - Community + Cutting Edge

Welcome to Issue 12. If you're a new subscriber here, I thought it would be important to share the purpose of the VueJsRadar. I created the newsletter and site as way for myself and others to stay in the loop of the latest technologies in the VueJs world and see what others are doing in the community. Instead of being another site for general tutorials + tips, as there are some great resources out there already (e.g. - VueJsDevelopers to name one of the best), the focus of Vuejsradar is sharing brand new releases + technologies, and community contributions.

So as part of this I've added two new sections to the newsletter: Showcase and New Releases. I hope you enjoy these additions and direction of this newsletter.

If you have any sites using VueJs or have recently pushed a new release to github please DM me on Twitter and I'll include it in the next issue!

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